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  • How to register and get certified

    To join our blogger community, you must add I LOVE UTM badge into your blog
    and fill up registration form to register.
    When you registeryour blog will automatically listed as a certified UTM blogger and you will  receive the html of 1 star badge code to be put into your blog.
    This badge is rewarded to you as a certified UTM blogger. Please read the rules and regulations before you register. Thank you.
    (* Put I Love UTM badge on sidebar / header / footer only)

  • Untuk menyertai komuniti blog, anda hendaklah meletakkan lencana I LOVE UTM dan mengisi borang pendaftaran bagi tujuan pendaftaran blog.
    Setelah mendaftar, blog anda akan menerima lencana 1 bintang untuk diletakkan di blog.
    Lencana ini menandakan bahawa blog anda telah diiktiraf sebagai blogger UTM. Sila baca terma dan syarat sebelum anda mendaftar.
    (* Lencana I LOVE UTM hendaklah diletakkan hanya di bahagian sidebar / header / footer sahaja.)
  • Grab the code

  • How to put I LOVE UTM badge into your blogspot ?

    1. Copy the HTML code provided above.
    Ambil kod HTML yang disediakan diatas.
    2. Log in to your blogspot, and get into your blog Dashboard.
    Daftar masuk ke ‘blogspot’ dan pergi ke ruangan ‘Dashboard’.
    3. At your dashboard, select ‘Layout’ and click ‘Add a Gadget’.
    Pilih paparan ‘Layout’ dan klik pada ruangan ‘Add a Gadget’
    4. You will find a list of widgets to be add to your blog layout. Now, choose ‘HTML/Javascript’ widget. To add this to your blog, click the + button.
    Paparan senarai pilihan ‘widget’ akan kelihatan. Pilih widget ‘HTML/Javascript’. Untuk meletakkan kod tersebut di blog, anda perlu klik butang +.
    5. Then, paste the code that you have copy before at step 1. Click Save.
    * (You must put the I LOVE UTM badge on sidebar / header / footer only)
    Akhir sekali, letakkan kod yang telah diambil seperti langkah 1 dan klik save untuk menyimpan kod tersebut.

    Example :

    Badge on Header



Badge on Sidebar


Badge on footer


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